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What is Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is the fabrication of devices and systems through the synthesis of structures with dimensions of molecules, the control of matter at this level, exploiting the fact that the behavior structures changes at nanometer scale dimensions. Nanotechnology is the interdisciplinary field that enables advances in almost every technology sector. Innovations in medical diagnostics, therapeutics, communication systems, computation, consumer electronics, energy efficient lighting and display technology, low power energy saving electronics, etc. rely on advances in nanotechnology. In order to contribute to this dynamic field, a core knowledge that spans several academic disciplines is necessary.

Nanotechnology & Innovation
Nanotechnology & Energy
Nanotechnology & Heath Care
Nanotechnology & Communications
Nanotechnology & the Environment



Demonstration of an Atomic Force Microscope.

New Idea

A transistor-like pattern of polarization fabricated by Ferroelectric Nanolithography.


Trajectories of atoms traveling through a carbon nanotube.