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Nanotechnology & Communications

Nanotechnology has been at play in the development of electronics for nearly a decade. Minimum feature sizes in computer chips today are on the order of 50 nm. However exciting advances in this arena are leading to revolutionary strategies for electronic devices. Flexible circuits are folded up into the interior of digital cameras. A new field has arisen in which light is used as the basis of ‘plasmonic’ devices. Tiny resonating nano machines may be incorporated into future wireless phones. And the entire concept of how a computer ‘computes’ is being questioned with the potential of nanotubes, nanowires, and nanofibers and possible electronic components.



Demonstration of an Atomic Force Microscope.

New Idea

A transistor-like pattern of polarization fabricated by Ferroelectric Nanolithography.


Trajectories of atoms traveling through a carbon nanotube.