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Nanotechnology & Energy

Nanotechnology plays a critical role in both alternative energy generation and energy conservation. As a consequence the US Department of Energy has five ‘center of excellence’ lab in various aspects of nanotechnology.

Many strategies for alternative energy generation involve nanoscale phenomena. Efficiency of solar cells, lifetimes of batteris and effectiveness of fuel cells depend on the control and optimization nanoscale interfaces with these devices. Self cleaning coatings are required for continued performance.

Energy conservation can have a tremendous impact on global energy requirements. The miniaturization in electronic devices enabled by nanotechnology advances yield lower voltage and lower power consumption. The result is energy savings in consumer electronics. Optical quantum dots and other nanoparticles are the basis of high brightness energy efficient lighting.



Demonstration of an Atomic Force Microscope.

New Idea

A transistor-like pattern of polarization fabricated by Ferroelectric Nanolithography.


Trajectories of atoms traveling through a carbon nanotube.