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Nanotechnology & Heath Care

Innovation in the delivery of health care will be forwarded by nanotechnology on many fronts. The digitization of medical information will rely on a variety of new and existing digital devices. Advances in electronics and wireless communications will be the foundation of these advances. Bedside diagnostics require new strategies for sensors and analyzers that can be integrated into handheld devices. Rapid and local gene/ protein sequencing will be the basis of personalized medicine ... strategies involve mass fabricated nanoscale sensors. The first of the new approaches to targeted treatment of cancer based on nanoparticles are entering clinical trials… and other drug delivery strategies are in the pipeline. Drug discovery is facilitated by array devices based on nanoscale components.



Demonstration of an Atomic Force Microscope.

New Idea

A transistor-like pattern of polarization fabricated by Ferroelectric Nanolithography.


Trajectories of atoms traveling through a carbon nanotube.