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Nanotechnology & Innovation

Understanding how to design, fabricate and control devices with nanoscale dimensions will drive innovation in almost every technology sector. Advances based on phenomena at the nanoscale impact technology through two pathways. Evolutionary advances result in significant improvements in existing technology as nanostructures are incorporated. Examples include computer processor chips, coatings for buildings and components in cell phones. Revolutionary advances occur when the ability to control nanoscale phenomena enable new technology solutions. Examples include targeted drug delivery, chemical sensors, micro electromechanical machines, light emitting diodes in display screens.

It is estimated that nanotechnology innovations will eventually represent ~$2 trillion of the gross domestic product.



Demonstration of an Atomic Force Microscope.

New Idea

A transistor-like pattern of polarization fabricated by Ferroelectric Nanolithography.


Trajectories of atoms traveling through a carbon nanotube.