Nanotechnology is a highly interdisciplinary field. A bachelor’s degree in any of the following fields is appropriate: physics, chemistry, bioengineering, materials science, electrical engineering, systems engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering and applied science. The structure allows students to match their background and interests to the curriculum in preparation for exciting new challenges. A background in math and physics is helpful in preparing you for the Master’s in Nanotechnology curriculum.

The Application Process is handled by Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science Research and Academic Services (RAS) Office. Applications are due by February 1 in order to start in the following academic year (i.e., to start in August of the same calendar year). All application information can be found on the RAS Admission web pages.

Penn Undergraduates with strong science, math and engineering backgrounds can apply for the Nano-MSE Program through Penn Engineering’s Accelerated Master’s Program (deadline: course selection deadline of the student’s seventh semester).

Undergraduates from Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College can enter the Nano-MSE Program through Penn Engineering’s External Submatriculation Program.

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