Energy Track

The energy track curriculum is designed to foster a theoretical understanding of nanotechnology associated with energy and provide hands-on experience in cleanroom and nanocharacterization facilities. The comprehensive course lineup encompasses solid-state physics, optical materials, transportation processes, energy storage and sustainability, tribology, power electronics, and space engineering. Students actively engage in practical laboratory sessions, gaining valuable experience.

Category A: Required Courses (3 CUs)

ENGR 5040 – Fundamental Concepts in Nanotechnology
ESE/MSE 5250 – Nanoscale Science and Engineering
Either ESE 5360 – Nanofabrication and Nanocharacterization
or MSE 5650 – Fabrication and Characterization of Nanostructured Devices

Category B: Select 4 from the following (4 CUs)

ESE 5100 Electromagnetic and Optics
ESE 5210 The Physics of Solid State Energy Devices
ESE 6730 Integrated Photonic Systems
MSE 5750 Statistical Mechanics
MSE 6400 Optical Materials
MEAM 5040 Tribology
MEAM 5370 Nanotribology
MEAM 5700/CBE 6400 Transportation Process I
CBE 5310 Nano-Transport
CBE 5450 Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage

Category C: Select 3 from the following (3 CUs)

ESE 5800 Power Electronics
ESE 6710 High Frequency Power Electronics
MSE 5070 Fundamentals of Materials
MSE 5360 Electronic Properties of Materials
MSE 5450 Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability
MEAM 5020 Energy Engineering in Power Plants and Transportation Systems
MEAM 5490 Order-of-magnitude Estimation for Terrestrial and Space Engineering