Quantum Engineering Track

The curriculum for the quantum engineering track is designed to cultivate a theoretical understanding of quantum engineering and provide hands-on experience in cleanroom and nanocharacterization facilities. The course lineup includes quantum mechanics, solid-state physics, statistical mechanics, chip design, quantum circuits and design, as well as the electrical properties of materials. Students also participate in practical laboratory sessions.

Specifically, the ESE 5360 course enables students to independently create and analyze devices, incorporating front-end processes like lithography, etching, and deposition, as well as back-end procedures such as dicing and wire bonding. The course explores various characterization techniques, including the use of electron microscopes, atomic force microscopes, and various metrology tools. Among the lab modules offered is CdSe quantum dot synthesis and characterization, involving chemical process, electron microscopy and spectroscopy. (Link)

Category A: Required Courses (3 CUs)

ENGR 5040 – Fundamental Concepts in Nanotechnology
ESE/MSE 5250 – Nanoscale Science and Engineering
Either ESE 5360 – Nanofabrication and Nanocharacterization (Link);
or MSE 5650 – Fabrication and Characterization of Nanostructured Devices

Category B: Select 4 from the following (4 CUs)

ESE 5100 Electromagnetic and Optics
ESE 5130 Prin of Quantum Tech
ESE 5210 The Physics of Solid State Energy Devices
ESE 5230 Quantum Engineering
MSE 5200 Structure of Materials
MSE 5610 Atomic Modeling in Materials Science
MSE 5700 Physics of Materials
MSE 5750 Statistical Mechanics

Category C: Select 3 from the following (3 CUs)

ESE 5090 Quantum Circuits and Systems
ESE 5310 Digital Signal Processing
ESE 5320 System-on-a-Chip Architecture
ESE 5700 Digital Integrated Circuits and VLSI-Fundamentals
ESE 5730 Chips-design
MSE 5360 Electronic Properties of Materials
CIT 5930 Introduction to Computer Systems